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Tools that help people

Our early conversations with CHOICE used The Log as a starting point to ask what kind of services would be useful to people.

With more devices being added to home networks and stories about poor security in the headlines, new ways of managing internet connections are desperately needed. But we found that focusing on these problems too narrowly made people anxious. People don't want to spend their time securing the Wi-Fi; they want to stream a film.

Broadband monitor prototype on a table. A green background with white text stating "93% overall broadband performance. A Samsung Galaxy S5 mobile phone just connected to your network." A white button with the text "Don't recognise it".

(Image: IF, CC-BY)

What the broadband monitor does is try to subtly introduce these ideas in the context of performance. It tells people 'This is why your internet connection is slow', and in the process helps people understand more about how the internet works.

That's the value of treating security as a consumer issue. We can design services that empower people, and help them understand the networks they live with a little better.



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